Everything But The News, the PBS lite-comedy/parody show that previously skewered San Francisco's ridesharing scene, is back with another episode lampooning the local tech culture. In this episode, reporter and unrepentant Canadian Steve Goldbloom's day is disrupted when his producer sends him out to cover 30 startups in three days.

"That's like... 10 interviews per day," Goldbloom says nervously, just before embarking on a buzzword-filled tour of the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Then, stepping away from the hype for a second, Goldbloom asks a local developer to explain Reddit to his mom, tours the facilities at Yammer and even hops a private jet to LA. Enjoy:

In case you missed previous episodes, EBTN has also taken on Grindr, FitBit and Khan Academy, which actually has nothing to do with Star Trek.

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