PornHub has been crunching a lot of numbers lately on their Insights blog, figuring out what users search for most, and just how many red states have a hankering for gay porn (Hint: A higher percentage of people in Mississippi are looking for man-on-man porn than in California). And now they've broken down the most popular search terms by major city. Guess what, San Francisco? A lot of you are into Asians.

Much like Honolulu, where there's also a significant Asian-American population, San Francisco's most popular porn search term is "Asian," followed by the widely popular and ever so vanilla, "massage," and "Japanese."

The most popular porn star in San Franciscans' searches? Asian American beauty Alina Li.

"Ebony," "lesbian" and "milf" are popular terms elsewhere in the country, but in S.F., we're more interested in "college" girls and guys, and, naturally, "casting."

Hilariously, if you look at porn-watchers in Portland, "yoga" makes it into the top 5 searches.

And for some odd reason, people in Anchorage and Jacksonville want to see "smoking" in their porn.

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