Though there are literally thousands of adoptable dogs in California, that didn't stop one man from allegedly stealing two dogs from their home, then attempting to sell them Craigslist.

30-year-old San Leandro resident Richard Coleman (that's him in the picture above) was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possession of stolen property and extortion, after a woman says that he stole her two German Shepherd puppies then tried to sell them online.

The woman told San Leandro police that the puppies were stolen from her Livermore home last week. She found them listed for sale on Craigslist, and arranged to meet with the seller in San Leandro. At the meeting, she confronted Coleman, who fled. Police then lured Coleman into a second meeting, and arrested him.

Coleman had one of the puppies with him when he was arrested, and led San Leandro police to the second dog. San Leandro police returned both dogs, who were safe and sound, to their rightful guardian.