The douchiest, greediest, tech-iest phenomenon to ruffle S.F.'s restaurant scene may finally be getting shut down, thanks to OpenTable. Yes, as Inside Scoop and Paula Forbes are reporting, State Bird Provisions has quietly made the switch from Urbanspoon to OpenTable for their online reservations, likely because OpenTable uses Captcha security to thwart those pesky bots gobbling up every available table.

As we discussed last summer, reservations at the extremely popular restaurant have been nearly impossible to get by mere mortals not only because of their multiple national accolades (Bon Appetit and the James Beard Awards have named it America's Best New Restaurant), but because some too-clever assholes built automated bots that snagged any available reservation the minute they become live — one night's worth of tables, two months out, would become available each morning at 4 a.m., and one hacker realized that someone had to be hacking the system because they were all gone at 4:01 a.m., and cancellations disappeared just as fast. So, multiple people with multiple bots were taking most of the available tables over the last year, and this became fodder for one of the dozen pieces New York Magazine recently produced in their effort to make San Francisco look pathetic, anti-capitalist, and yet still douche-y.

Anyway, there still aren't any tables available at State Bird, but now if you're a human and you're awake at 4 a.m. (note: the timing of new reservations going live on OpenTable has not yet been confirmed), you might stand a chance. Until the next asshole writes his next "script" so he can go and eat among the other privileged few.

Or, you can always go stand in line at 4:30 for a walk-in seat.

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