You're probably as tired as I am of reading and hearing the by now rote statement of "rain storm coming, but it won't be enough!" Well, you'll be getting a lot more of that this week as every newscaster and newswire writer reports on two approaching weather systems which will make a small dent in Northern California's drought, but won't do much to solve the ongoing statewide drought that is going to haunt us for the foreseeable future.

A sizeable storm is headed to the Bay on Wednesday afternoon, ready to dump a half inch of rain, so expect Muni to melt down somehow and Uber to be overloaded so that you're completely stranded downtown at rush hour. Bring an umbrella!

There may be a break in the rain on Thursday, or there may not, depending on the weather service you trust. Then on Friday and Saturday another storm will be passing through and could dump as much as an inch of rain in some spots.

This is great news for spring skiing in Tahoe, assuming it's cold enough up there to produce actual snow next week. But this is bad news for all you non-winter-sports-inclined folk with Pisces birthdays who could usually count on some clear and sunny days for Dolores Park picnicking at this time of year. It will be a wet and gray weekend, and I'm sorry for that. Think of the plants.