Hamburger Mary's, noted burger chained with a devout LGBT following, might make its return to San Francisco. First opening in 1972 in the city's then-delightfully seedy South of Market district, it closed in 2001. The area was never the same, really, and has since been polluted with one too many craft cocktails, craft beer, craft coffee, craft beards, and craft tech tomfoolery sullying its once glorious yet frightening reputation. But now the queer hamburger joint (with locations 13 locations, including San Diego and West Hollywood) might make a comeback this year, smack dab in the Castro at the Patio Cafe space.

The Bay Area Reporter has more:

[Patio Cafe owner Les Natali] said he had decided to go forward with the application for conditional use authorization to open a Hamburger Mary’s at the Patio Cafe.

In an email he sent today (Thursday, February 6), to the B.A.R. and a Castro neighborhood group, Natali wrote that he had asked his attorney to begin the planning approval process and to schedule a neighborhood meeting at the earliest possible date.

“I am looking forward to opening Hamburger Mary’s at the Patio Cafe as soon as possible, and I am hopeful I can have your support and the support of the neighborhood,” wrote Natali.

I really hope this happens. Many, many fond memories of blurry afternoons at Mary's. The time seems right for a return, too.

As for bypassing San Francisco's aggressive formula retail laws, Natali notes that Mary's isn't "a typical" formula retail business and the employees won't have to wear logo clothing typically found at other Hamburger Mary's locations.