Thursday night at Virgil's Sea Room on Mission Street a slew of good looking and well-read people came together to drink beer and eat hamburgers. It was our first SFist reader meet-up since anybody could remember and your editors were joined by a raft of anonymous commenters (in costume!), unsung regular readers, noted Bay Area media, and even one city supervisor.

Special thanks to photographer and occasional SFist contributor Erik Wilson for capturing all our tender moments. Many thanks also go out to Speakeasy Ales & Lagers for spotting us all those cheap pints that are currently ringing through my head, to Wes Burger for feeding us, and to the lovely folks at Virgil's Sea Room for keeping the drinks flowing until everyone was good and drunk for some karaoke afterwards.

Also, if you didn't get one of our (wildly popular) tote bags, fear not! We promise to do it again sometime soon. And for those of you who did, please send us pics of you using your bags in most strange and unusual ways. For example.

Again, thank you. We can't do this without you.

P.S.: If anybody lost a tiny umbrella, please email [email protected], I seem to have somehow gone home with someone else's last night. (Sorry!)