Who would have thought that troubled closer Brian Wilson, who once shilled for Mayor Ed Lee, would one day stand in AT&T Park, dressed in a Dodgers garb, and throw a temper tantrum about his World Series ring. But that's what happened at last night's game.

After the Giants’ 3-2 victory against the Dodgers Thursday night, WIlson walked over to Giants CEO Larry Baer to shout and point wildly. It seems, at least according to the Giants, he was upset over his World Series ring, which he had yet to receive.

Schulman has more:

Wilson’s actions stunned Baer and Giants officials, who said they tried repeatedly throughout the season to meet with Wilson so the ring could be presented, and that he never responded, even when the Giants invited him to the ring ceremony during the first weekend of the home season.

“I don’t know why he decided to make a show of it and air his grievance tonight,” team spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said.

Although we cannot hear what happens, we can watch Wilson confront Baer below:

However. According to CSN Bay Area, Wilson might have also been upset over the lack of security at last night's game when he was in the bullpen, where he was booed by the crowed. You can see him pointing at the right field line, which could indicate his frustration with security.

Anyway, after the confrontation, the Giants sent the World Series ring to the Dodgers clubhouse to give to Wilson.

In other news, last night's game might have been (and in all likeliness was) Tim Lincecum's last game with the Giants. A free agent after the season, he may head to Seattle. And despite a devolving performance, Bruce Bochy said: "I was very happy for him with the job he did tonight ... You could see the fans behind him, you could see the signs of support. We don't know what's going to happen, but we certainly hope he's here with us (next season)."

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