Oskar at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services on in San Francisco.

We have sad news to report following up on the July 4 week poisoning of several dogs via strychnine-laced meatballs: Oskar the dachsund has died after a weeklong fight for life. The 7-year-old pooch was sickened on July 3 after ingesting one or more of the meatballs he found near Crestline Drive and Burnett Avenue in Twin Peaks. He went into a seizure about ten minutes after eating the stuff, and was in a medically induced coma most of last week. He passed away on Thursday night.

Police are still seeking leads in the case, and there have not been further reports of the meatballs after hundreds of them were found in multiple neighborhoods over the July 4 weekend. At least three dogs, including Oskar, were sickened.

The amount of strychnine in the meatballs is said to be lethal to humans, and anyone who finds another one of these things is cautioned not to handle it without gloves.

A Bay Area-based non-profit, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this heinous crime.


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