Another grand meltdown in a long tradition of grand meltdowns struck Muni's N-Judah and J-Church lines during the evening commute Wednesday, and problems persist system-wide as of this morning, causing many in this city to alternately rage, shake a futile fist at the sky, and quietly die inside while unable to get anywhere.

Last night's problems were due to a faulty overhead wire somewhere, likely near the tunnel exit at Church Street, causing both the N-Judah (in both directions) and the outbound J-Church to be delayed or totally useless. Muni was running shuttle buses from Van Ness, which were also running this morning along the N line.

The "express" shuttle buses were apparently not that effective, or express this a.m., as evidenced by Twitter (see below). At least one person documented a backup of four trains unable to leave Embarcadero Station at 9 a.m. this morning.

Hoepfully things will be functional again by the time everyone who arrived late this morning has to get home tonight. #goodluck

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