No more Mr. Pibb. No more Diet Rite. No more Shasta. No more Slice. This summer in Marin, soda is as out as driving a black 1999 Range Rover.

Marin County, sprawling hippie commune turned diamond-posh suburb, is at it again. This time they're going after your soda, America. County officials have proclaimed the upcoming season as a "Soda Free Summer." So kiss the fizz goodbye. (Except for Diet Coke, of course, since Diet Coke is goddamn delicious. Diet Pepsi ownership, however, will be punishable by lethal injection. More than reasonable, really; Diet Pepsi is vile and made especially for thirsty serial killers.)

In all seriousness, diabetes and obesity are festering problems in this country. Big time. And more than half of Marin residents are reportedly obese or overweight.

The resolution aims to support to the efforts of hospitals, schools, work sites and community organizations "that are all urging residents to make healthier choices for liquid refreshment this year" while relaxing under the sun. Marin IJ has more:

The board resolution says that prevention of obesity and diabetes are "the most urgent health challenges of our day," and cites a study saying the adults who drink more than one soda pop a day are 27 percent more likely to be overweight — and that about half of the adults in Marin are overweight or obese.

In 2007, if you recall, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom banned the sale of soda on city property. City Attorney Dennis Herrera is now in a legal slap fight with Monster Energy Beverages over the sale of their toxic green-tinted soda. And furthermore, soda is just... gross. It is, for lack of a better word, icky.

Here's to a summer of kombucha, Marinites. It's really not bad once you get used to it. (We strongly recommend locally-made House Kombucha.)

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