A Sacramento surgeon has been reprimanded by the state medical board after reportedly suggesting his patient try giving her husband twice-weekly blowjobs to help fix her sensitive gag reflex.

The anonymous patient was at the office of Dr. J. Peter Zegarra, board certified colon and rectal surgery specialist, when she explain that she was concerned about an upper-gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure Dr. Zegarra had recommended. The procedure requires an endoscope to be slid down the patient's throat to their intestines. When the woman explained that she was hesitant because she "gags at the dentist," Dr. Zegarra tried to lighten the mood by suggesting — in front of her husband — that "she should be practicing twice a week on her husband by giving him (oral sex) to address her gagging reflex.”

The state medical board says that even though his unorthodox prescription was meant as a joke, that's no defense and has issued an official public reprimand. "This constituted unprofessional conduct, and so this is a message that this probably wasn’t appropriate," a representative of the California Medical Board explained.

CBS Sacramento has the local news angle: