Remember the gruesome story last month about the guy who seemed to have been sleeping on top of a BART elevator at Montgomery Station and got crushed when someone tried to use it? The police have finally released his name.

The man's name was David Thomas, he was 42, and the SFPD is now seeking the public's help in order to track down the man's family.

Thomas was killed when a Muni rider tried to use the elevator to get from the Muni platform to the concourse level at Montgomery Station on the evening of March 10. The story got a fair amount of coverage because of the gruesome detail of the incident, in which the elevator rider reported hearing a "crunch" and a scream as the elevator reached the top and became stuck.

It's unclear how long Thomas had been in the elevator shaft, but the medical examiner reports that personal belongings and a blanket were found on top of the elevator.

Anyone with information about Thomas is asked to call chief investigator Thomas McDonald at 415-553-1695.

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