Speaking of fare that isn't boring, why weren't nachos the thing to eat in 2012? Why aren't there nachos everywhere at all times and on all menus right now? And how did you let this happen? Now that baseball season is here, we seek heaps of nachos — real nachos, with drizzly (and at times orange-colored) cheese — but fail to find a plethora of options.

The world's dearth of nacho establishments is harrowing and, presumably, due in large part to the fact that you can make them at home. Simply layer tortilla chips, salsa, optional beef, and cheese (people who don't layer are assholes) and then shove in the broiler or, in a pinch, the microwave. Usually the microwave.

As for going out? We like the nachos at Louie's, as seen above. They're perfectly base; similar to the nachos one might find at a ballpark. They come to you crispy, but then, around the 5th inning or so, turn fork-tender. That's the sweet spot, folks, when you can start eating them with a fork. Failing Louie's, we lap up Tango & Stache's high-grade take on nachos, which boast smoked provolone cheese sauce, Vermouth baked beans, and bacon fat tortilla chips.

SFist asked readers to tell us the best places in the Bay Area to score nachos. Because we all need to work together to make it happen. Nachos are going to happen. Here are a few choice reader suggestions:

Jon Spack recommends Dos Piñas and Connecticut Yankee." Was very pleasantly surprised," he notes. Samantha Settlemoire says, "El Toro's nachos are solid, Valenica @ 17th and my 'too lazy to leave the immediate hood' go-to is La Corneta's super veggie nacho box. $6. El Farolito's nachos are good but it's a gut bomb!" And Michael Morales suggests Taqueria Pancho Villa on 16th between Mission and Valencia. While reader Yasuo Sonoda exclaims: "No question, Tina Tina Tamale serves up the best nachos EVER. Made from scratch, both lardy and vegetarian, dump delicious cheese, ground beef, everything else and enjoy yourself a side of mini-heart attack. If you live, it's well worth it."

Other recommendations for sweet nacho highs were Fonda in Albany, La Corneta in Glen Park, the Pork Nachos from Señor Sisig, and Public House/Mijita. For more suggestions, check out what folks had to say on our Facebook page.