As crowded as it already is, noted bar/restaurant Trick Dog will see more thirsty livers line up at the bar after after Michael Bauer's three-star review. Which is why you should get in there QUICK. Or at least skip out of work early to grab a seat. Really, the Bon Vivants' newest place is a wonder to behold.

Bauer beams:

Trick Dog is first and foremost a bar. Produced by Jason Henton, Scott Baird and Josh Harris, a.k.a. the Bon Vivants, it has some of the best cocktails around. But what really sets this apart is how the food crafted by Chester Watson is in perfect harmony with the handsome warehouse setting and the intent of the business. Everything is in sync.

Most times the menu at a cocktail lounge is an afterthought, but at Trick Dog the food becomes an integral part of the experience. At every step, Watson improves the expected bar food, whether it’s beer nuts glazed in Miller High Life, pimiento spread made with vermouth, or Scotch eggs crusted in brandade.

Pimento cheese makes everything better, doesn't it?

Also noteworthy? The titular Trick Dog in question is neither dog nor cylindrical meat. It is, in fact, in reference to a cast-iron mechanical bank.

Trick Dog: 3010 - 20th Street (at Florida), S.F.; 415-471-2999