Two 16-year-old delinquents are on the loose after they repeatedly punched another 16-year-old boy in the mouth and stole his grandmother's purse Thursday evening. The boy and his 78-year-old grandmother were walking near 24th and Capp Streets in the Mission when the youths started wailing on him.

One of the punchy teens reportedly hit the victim "several times in the face and mouth" while the other one conked him on the head. Adding insult to injury, they nabbed the septuagenarian's purse along containing her wallet and cash when they fled the scene.

The victim's injuries were minor and the boy apparently could not identify his two attackers or give a more detailed description other than their age. If anyone spotted two unruly teens carrying what looks like it might be a 78-year-old woman's person, they are encouraged to call the police.