Looking dismayed in this Contra Costa article today, Alice Waters tells us that, sadly, the re-opening of Chez Panisse will be delayed. As we reported last Friday, parts of the Shattuck Avenue mainstay caught fire early last Friday morning. Reservations were previously cancelled through March 23, but now are not being taken until at least the 30th.

In a statement on the Chez Panisse website, Alice Waters says:

Given that the main structure is in good shape, we hope that the café won’t be closed for long. In the next few days, we will better understand the scope of the repairs and determine when we can reopen both the restaurant and café.

There’s still no firm word on what caused the fire. Originally it was reported that several small fires were set around the building. Now it seems faulty electrical work under the porch is to blame.

The original designer of the beloved porch, which seems to have suffered the most damage, says he’s rebuilding a new wood porch that will be similar to the original.