State senator Mark Leno has proposed new legislation in a move that could delight S.F. drinkers and aggravate responsible types across the city and state. The measure would allow cities and counties to petition state alcohol regulators for permission to allow restaurants, nightclubs and other watering holes that remain open after 2 a.m. to continue serving alcohol to late-night patrons.

The move is designed to stimulate the state's nightlife economy by bringing in more dollars from residents and tourists looking for a good time. It would presumably also help silence your friends visiting from NYC who won't STFU about how early everything closes out here.

Leno expects pushback from groups concerned about late-night noise, drunk driving and general debauchery, but points out that if the measure becomes law, it would serve only to create an option. "The bill offers cities an opportunity to create jobs, expand business and increase tax revenue. It imposes nothing on anybody; it merely authorizes the opportunity."

Time will tell whether authorizing the opportunity to party will result in more late-night drinking on the horizon.

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