While we here at SFist typically (and nobly) shun many forms of print publishing, we champion those who take to ye ole fashion typewriter to make change. Writing a letter to your elected official represents a similar view of at least 100 constituents. Did you know that? Now you do. And with that, tonight at the Make-Out Room, you can pen a letter (or two or four) to any elected official Hey, it's better than venting in the comments, right? (False! Nothing is as good as blowing up in the comments over the slightest bit of pedantry!)

Vent your political angst with others at Attack of the Typewriters, a monthly letter-writing party that provides free typewriters, stamps, envelopes, and paper — everything you need to get your voice heard in the halls of power.

You can also get ripped to the tits while making a difference!

Attack of the Typewriters happens tonight at the Make-Out Room (3225 22nd Street, S.F.)