Some "chemically sensitive" and otherwise smoke-averse individuals in Oakland have just filed a petition with city councilperson Rebecca Kaplan to ban smoking around the perimeter of Lake Merritt. Once again, smokers, in case this wasn't clear, you are pariahs and many of your California neighbors would like you to quit, or ship out to Nevada.

Per the petitions:

At present, people are allowed to smoke all around the perimeter of Lake Merritt, as long as they are 25 feet away from a building. Bay Area residents of all ages visit the lake for fun and fitness. This experience is often marred by the presence of second-hand smoke which can be especially harmful for children, the elderly, and people with respiratory conditions. Let’s make Lake Merritt safe for all visitors by introducing a ban on smoking around the perimeter of the lake... Oakland residents and visitors deserve a clean-air oasis when they visit the lake for fitness and recreation.

Several commenters have noted that smoking is "pollution," and that they are allergic to it.

The petition, which was launched just a few days ago on, has already reached its goal of 250 signatures. We eagerly await news of whether Kaplan will do anything with it, but as our Oakland friend Kathy F. puts it, "The streets are bleeding and some fuckin' idiot starts this petition?! And I'm pretty fuckin sure the city soot clogging my window sills has nothing to do with cigarettes."