It feels like baseball season is YEARS away. In fact, it's only a couple of months ahead of us, and spring training starts in just a couple of weeks. Rejoice, indeed. And with that, we give you the 2013 special event games at AT&T Park.

In addition to the usual gang of honorees, this year they're dedicating an evening game to Metallica. Members of the noted metal band will be there for pre-game festivities. It happens on Friday, May 3rd when we take on the Dodgers. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

Special nights at AT&T Park are as follows:

4/8 Irish Heritage Night I
4/9 Chinese Heritage Night
4/9 College Night
4/22 Hotel Heroes Night
4/23 Filipino Heritage Night I
5/3 Metallica Night
5/5 Cinco de Mayo Celebration
5/6 Japanese Heritage Night
5/6 Singles Night 1
5/7 Off the Cove 1 (Note to the superstitious: last year's Off the Cove coincided with Matt Cain's perfect game.)
5/9 LGBT Night
5/11 Wine Fest I
5/21 Until There's a Cure Day
6/4 Bruce Lee Tribute Night
6/17 Autism Awareness Night
6/18 Native-American Heritage Night
6/21 Giants Garlic Fest
7/8 Firefighter Appreciation Night
7/9 Off the Cove 2
7/19 2nd Annual Golf Night at the Park
7/20 Brewfest
7/21 Boy Scout Day
7/22 Breast Cancer Awareness Night
7/23 Law Enforcement Appreciation
7/24 Korean Heritage Night
7/28 Girl Scout Day
8/6 Jewish Heritage Night
8/6 Singles Night 2
8/7 Italian Heritage Night
8/9 Wine Fest II
8/10 Fellowship Day
8/22 Step up to the Plate Night
8/23 Polynesian Heritage Night
9/5 College Night
9/5 Filipino Heritage Night II
9/6 Bill Graham Tribute Night
9/7 Fiesta Gigantes
9/9 Union Night
9/9 Masons Night
9/10 Irish Heritage Night II
9/26 Oktoberfest
9/27 African American Heritage Night