In their latest publicity stunt, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have bitten down on the meaty story du jour to promote fake meat products as an acceptable substitute for real buffalo wings at your upcoming Super Bowl party. Next to blurry and angry-looking photo of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o, billboard reads, "Sometimes faking it is better."

Te'o, we're sure you've heard by now, rode a wave of fame and good will all the way to the BCS Championship game using a fabricated story about a fake dead girlfriend. PETA, as they do, is just picking over the bones of Te'o's story for some buzz marketing. Their point with the association? Vegan wings can be just as delicious as their dead poultry counterparts — a stance that is only slightly less delusional than Te'o himself.

PETA Spokesveggie and meatless offensive coordinator defends the organization's position in a press release:

"PETA thinks it's great to fake it—especially when it means saving chickens from abuses that would be illegal if the victims were cats or dogs," says PETA Vegetarian Campaign Specialist (and NFL fan) Ashley Byrne. "We're asking fans to tackle cruelty by digging into a hearty vegan meal for the big game—and beyond."

Although the billboard has yet to appear anywhere other than on Internet websites writing about it, PETA says they're currently negotiating advertising space for the image around New Orleans. (Meaning: it definitely won't be up before the Super Bowl, if at all.) The organization also pointed out that the Superdome serves a pretty good veggie gyro. Suddenly, we're longing for the days of those wholesome Campbell's Chunky Soup commercials.

PETA, readers may remember, once tried to rename San Francisco's troubled Tenderloin district after a meat substitute. They also dropped AT&T Park from their list of Veggie-friendly ballparks last summer, so they may have cooked up got some other beef with San Franciscojust on principal. Still, if you need to figure out how to make some Buffa-faux wings for your meat-averse Super Bowl party attendees, there are recipes.