Well, it isn't Oprah, but billionaire "madman" John McAfee has given another interview, this time from the comfort his new digs in Portland (where else?), to NBC Bay Area's Raj Mathai.

He insists he isn't paranoid and is not a murderer, but he does have a fondness for guns and is more than willing to discuss the flings he's had with very young girls in Central America. "I do have teenage girlfriends and many at a time. Nothing illegal, they're well beyond the age of consent. I see nothing wrong with it."

He also admits that money changed him, now that most of his fortune is allegedly gone. And that his days in Silicon Valley were fueled by "cocaine and alcohol."

And, after all he's been through, he clearly remains a fan of wrap-around sunglasses and Croakies.

McAfee made national headlines in November when he prolifically blogged about being on the lam after the Belizean government wanted him for questioning in the murder of a fellow American ex-pat neighbor. That murder remains unsolved, and it seemed as McAfee may have had motive -- he and the neighbor had fought over McAfee's dogs, who wound up dead from poisoning not long before the murder.

It remains unclear what, if any, substances McAfee may have been using throughout the ordeal. He seems a bit calmer now. And there may be a movie already in the works about him.

See the video below.

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