Nathan Burris, the 49-year-old man who killed his longtime girlfriend and a man who was courting her at the Richmond Bridge toll plaza in August 2009, has been sentenced to death. Burris admitted his crime shortly after his arrest, and has been remorseless throughout the his incarceration and trial. At one point, after his November conviction, he declared that he didn't care if he got the death penalty because he said "there is no death penalty" in California, given the legal delays that have prevented anyone being put to death in this state. He told jurors just to flip a coin.

Also, during his trial, Burris openly taunted members of victims' families, saying things like "they ain't coming back" and laughing to himself.

In court today, as the Chron reports, Burris told the judge, "I made my choice and I live with it," Burris said. "I'm not going to show any remorse. I'm not going to ask you to spare my life."

Prop 34, which failed to pass in November, may give way to executions resuming, however that remains unclear.


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