Have you, dear San Francisco apartment dweller, ever been evicted because your roommate or landlord wasn't accepting of your downwardly spiraling and constantly accumulating lifestyle? Then you're in luck! (Among a pile of other things, probably.) This room for rent on Treasure Island could be the accepting home you and your collection of things you found in the dumpster have been looking for.

Sure, everyone loves Hoarders. Even the heartbreaking animal hoarders spinoff is a fascinating depiction of very specific sort of human trainwreck. But what is it like living in a home with three people avoiding an A&E-style intervention? At 600 bucks a month it's practically a steal by current S.F. standards. The downside, of course, is that there won't be a lot of room for much else. One of the roommates writes in their Craigslist ad [sic throughout]:

There is no space in the refrigerator or cabinets so if you like to cook, this won;t work. The entire house is filled floor to ceiling with our things. We are willing to accommodate your needs with a space that we can clear in the living room for your things. The lower bathroom is not usable but the upstairs one is. The backyard is off limits and the laundry room is not functional so you will have to do laundry elsewhere. We are very supportive of the hoarder lifestyle and make no judgments. If you have been evicted we can be your new place.

In addition to first and last month's rent, the roommates will require photos of your current hoard to make sure you're the real deal before moving in. Naturally. Wouldn't want any fakers taking up precious hoarding space.