Had some trouble getting out from under the covers this past week during these chilly January mornings? Bad news, friends and lovers: It will only get worse starting Wednesday.

Forecasters are predicting "the coldest air mass we've gotten to date" to descend from the Arctic late Wednesday, with a few "nuisance showers" and nighttime and early morning temperatures through the weekend potentially in the 30s in downtown San Francisco, and down into the 20s elsewhere. This means you will need a scarf at all times and may want to reconsider any walks of shame on the horizon.

Also, given Californians' sensitivity to this kind of cold, you should prepare yourself for much whining via text, canceled dinner plans ("It's just so cold. I don't think I can move right now."), and possibly some dead plants on the deck.

All talk of frostbite and hypothermia will be pure hyperbole, but should not be laughed at, unless you're from Minnesota.

Saturday night will bring the return of standard January chilliness, at which point everyone you know will be shellshocked and several pounds heavier from the consumption of carbs and hot toddies. (P.S. Friday is 'National Hot Toddy Day', and Blackbird will be doing hot toddy specials all day, with the Blackbird Toddy (single barrel bourbon and Earl Grey syrup going for $6.)