The organizers of Outside Lands, Another Planet Entertainment, have just renegotiated their contract with Rec & Parks and raised the attendance cap for the 2013 festival from 65,000 to 75,000. Additionally, they're planning to give more money back to Rec & Parks, raising the department's per-ticket share to $1.25, and pledging money to renovate the bleachers at the Polo Field, and hire another full-time gardner to help maintain the park.

To those who might think the festival is crowded enough as it is, Another Planet CEO Gregg Perloff points out to the Examiner that this attendance cap is still smaller than other events, like Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Also, he mentions that last year they found that 15,000 of the attendees came from the three zip codes directly surrounding the park, so, "On so many levels, this has taken on a local life of its own."

Over the first five years of the festival, Rec & Parks has received a total of $6 million in direct revenue from Outside Lands, including $1.7 million from the 2012 event alone.

Might we suggest adding a second wine tent?