A 19-year-old in Belmont stands accused of crashing not one, but two friends' vehicles in the span of two days last month, both while high on whip-its. Daniel Evenbach was arrested on felony hit-and-run and DUI charges and remains in custody following the incidents in which one other person, a 69-year-old man, was injured.

The first crash happened on October 29 when Evenbach crashed a friend's car into a fence and fled the scene on foot, leaving behind 22 nitrous oxide canisters inside the abandoned vehicle, as the Examiner reports. Then, because Evenbach apparently has a Demi Moore-esque whip-it problem, he borrowed and crashed the car of another friend, this time plowing into another vehicle at the intersection of El Camino Real and 20th Avenue in San Mateo. That crash injured a 69-year-old man whom you can see in this aftermath video shot by a bystander. Whip-its were also found in Evenbach's vehicle following that crash. Evenbach tried to flee that scene on foot, but was quickly apprehended.

On the ultimate 'Intervention' episode made about this Evenbach kid, somebody needs to ask how these friends could have trusted him with their cars. Also, who does whip-its and then goes for a drive?

Footnote: We'd just like to note, for the sake of the Ex's copy desk, that "whippit" is too confusingly similar to "whippet," the name of a breed of dog. And really, since the term for the intoxicant comes from a brand name of nitrous oxide canisters, you should really just spell it like the brand name, Whip-It. Urban Dictionary, unfortunately, has it both ways.