Left-hander Jeremy Affeldt made a cool $5 million for sticking with the Giants this year and knocking down three tense outs in game four of the World Series this year. Now, for his and winning left arm, the team has rewarded Affeldt with a fresh three-year deal worth about $18 million. What's unclear about the deal negotiations is whether Affeldt's wife Larisa will agree to have three more World Series babies.

As we've noted before, the Affeldts recently had their third child just before the Giants swept the Tigers in the World Series. By some stroke of luck, magic or possibly divine intervention, every time Mrs. Affeldt gives birth to a son, her husband's baseball team makes it to the World Series. The first time it was their son Walker who propelled the Colorado Rockies to the 2007 Fall Classic, although the Red Sox swept that one. (Sorry, Walker.) Current Affeldt middle child Logan was born on September 13th, 2010 and we all remember the how that World Series turned out, right?

The Affeldts' youngest son Colt was born in late August of this year, just as the Giants were in a playoff hunt. When the Giants made it to the World Series, proud father/left hander Jeremy reportedly told his wife, "Honey, we gotta put you on the payroll." Later, Affeldt explained, "Larisa took it for the team on this one. I think she deserves a (World Series) share, but I couldn’t get the guys to go for it.” Hopefully the missus is getting a nice vacation and possibly a full-time au pair out of all this.

Now that the Affeldt family is financially secure for another couple of years, will Larissa keep blessing the team with a yearly World Series berth? (Pun intended!) Before Affeldt's winning innings in game four, he told the Detroit Free Press his family plan was to stop at three, but "anything could happen."

Finally, here's Larisa (along with Chelsea Cain, and Alissa Sanchez) talking about what it's like to being one of the baseball lives, filmed for The Franchise last year: