When we last caught up with Ms. Lauryn Hill, she was kicking it with Martha Stewart. (Because why not.) This weekend, the noted songstress (who beautifully lost her shit a few years ago during an infamous show in Oakland) will make a rare appearance at the Independent.

Tickets? They range from $100-$200 and go on sale at noon. Purchase them (if you can) here.

She's also performing on Monday at the Fox with Nas, and tickets for that are still available. And perhaps this tour with Nas is whipping her back into professional shape. But many people in the Bay Area are still bitter at Hill for her concert at the Paramount in 2007, at which she arrived on stage two and a half hours late, only to deliver a wildly erratic and uneven performance that had fans demanding their money back.

We'll say she sounded pretty good when we saw her at Mezzanine in 2011, though she only sang a couple of her own hits and was devoting part of the program to Bob Marley numbers. Also, she spent about 75 percent of the show turned fully or partially away from the audience as she madly attempted to "conduct" the other musicians and singers on stage.

Be that as it may, people still love her. Do what you will. Below is a 1-hour and 15 minute bootleg of Nas and Lauryn's entire set from their November 4 show in Atlanta.