We don't know a lot about London Breed beyond the fact that she was a Fire Commissioner, she runs the African American Art and Culture Complex, and she was allegedly pissed at Ed Lee for not appointing her to the D5 seat when he chose Christina Olague. There was a lot of talk from Breed's opponents that her campaign was funded by big-money interests, by pals of Willie Brown, and that she'd be a more "conservative" voice on the Board who would favor landlords over tenants, for instance. But, of course, we won't know until she serves, and if you refer back to some choice quotes from her back in April, she could make things very interesting for the Board's next term.

We're talking about this, from Fog City Journal, when reporter Luke Thomas pulled her aside to ask if she was beholden to Brown, or if she was going to take the side of developers or landlords, as she did when she served on the Redevelopment Agency:

So why do women have to be a pawn for somebody? Why aren’t women strong enough to stand on their own two feet and run and be the kind of voice that… I mean, look at my record, Willie Brown didn’t do that work, I did the work. Willie Brown didn’t make those decisions on redevelopment — I made those decisions. Willie Brown didn’t wipe my ass when I was a baby — my grandmother took care of me. He hasn’t been there through the thick and the thin when I had to grow up and watch at 12 years old a bullet get put in somebody’s head. You think I give a fuck about a Willie Brown at the end of the day when it comes to my community and the shit that people like Rose Pak and Willie Brown continue to do and try to controls things. They don’t fucking control me — you go ask them why wouldn’t you support London because she don’t do what the hell I tell her to do. I don’t do what no motherfucking body tells me to do...

Let me be clear, I am not for playing games with my life when it comes to politics. I don’t need to be a progressive, a moderate, a this or a that. I’m a black woman in San Francisco who has lost a tremendous amount of people in District 5 and everyone else who is moving into District 5 claims to be the savior of the black folks there, the families who are there, or the folks who are disenfranchised - where were they when someone got shot and killed at Ella Hill Hutch (community center) in front of a bunch of kids? Where were they when public housing was getting torn down and we were getting pushed out left and right…where were they in protecting my family and my friends from getting booted out of public housing in District 5?

So yes, this could get very interesting. It's clear she may not be as politically left as Daly, but she may not be as moderate or whatever as people have assumed. And we can only hope the word "motherfucker" makes a comeback in the Board chambers.

[Fog City Journal via SF Citizen]