Yesterday evening, in a Market Street hotel near the city's stabbiest corner, two brothers ended up in the hospital after a sibling dispute turned violent.

The younger 53-year-old brother had been staying with his girlfriend at the hotel, which appears to be the Aida Plaza Hotel between Sixth and Seventh Streets, based on the Bay City News description. The older, 62-year-old brother arrived at the hotel around 5:45 p.m. with the intention of giving something to his younger sibling. What he gave him was a stab wound in the chest.

According to SFPD, the younger brother and the girlfriend were sitting on the bed when the older brother attacked. During the ensuing struggle, the younger brother also managed to stab the older one in the chest. It is currently unclear whether there was only one knife involved or whether both brothers were the sort of guys who keep a blade on them.

Either way, the older brother fled down the hall to hide in a shared bathroom, where he was eventually arrested by police. Both brothers were taken to a nearby hospital and their injuries were not considered life threatening, but one would think two old guys like that could have figured out a better way to settle their sibling rivalries by now.