Down in the Eastern corner of SoMa where the Golden State Warriors are itching to break ground reinforce a crumbling bed of concrete and begin construction of their new waterfront arena on pier 30-32, the neighbors have started to do that thing neighbors always do when something they don't like is coming to their neighborhood. They've started a petition to oppose it.

The dramatically titled "NO WARRIORS ARENA AND MALL ON PIER 30-32" letter has 123 supporters as of this writing, most of whom must be huge fans of empty, fenced-in parking lots judging by the reasons they've laid out in the petition. Their number one gripe with the new arena? It ruins the pier's "uniqueness":

The Warriors Project should not be built on Pier 30-32 because Pier 30-32 is a very unique piece of property. Pier 30-32 belongs to the state land trust. Pier 30-32 should therefore serve all Californians as public access to the SF Bay. The proposed Project will strip this part of waterfront of its uniqueness.

As Curbed points out today, the special snowflake of pier we're talking about is a partially condemned parking lot. Its only unique feature, compared to a regular parking lot, is that this one cannot hold vehicles over a certain weight without crumbling in to the Bay. The arena and surrounding plaza, by contrast, will be designed by the same award-winning international design team that gave Oslo their striking waterfront Opera House.

(Sidenote: One might argue that Red's Java House is a unique feature of the pier, but developers have already promised to keep that lovably odorous drinking establishment. So, no gripes there.)

Then there is the view issue:

The Warriors Project will greatly obstruct both San Francisco Bay and Bay Bridge views. The Warriors Project does not need water access. Other acceptable sites to build this project are available.

Granted, someone standing on the sidewalk might not be able to see Treasure Island from the foot of Beale Street, but over half of the pier's planned square footage will be devoted to open public spaces. As for water access: mark our words, water taxis are San Francisco's next big transit thing. (Free app idea: SideCar for boat rides. You're welcome.)

Besides the view issue and the concern that the Embarcadero is already clogged with Ferry Building Farmers' Market traffic, there's also the pollution issue. Noise pollution, that is:

Noise is also a form of unacceptable pollution, and we are already enduring noise coming from loud fans, fireworks, ground and air traffic during Giants games, concerts and other events. Another arena in such close proximity would most likely double the already unacceptable noise pollution.

To that point, we just have to wonder what sort of awesome basketball games the petitioners are going to where they are shooting off fireworks inside and getting buzzed by fighter jets. Do they do that at Warriors games now? This town might actually care about basketball again if they did.

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