A week ago near Chain of Lakes Drive in Golden Gate Park, SFPD officers from the Richmond District station stopped another cyclist with an arrest record. While the station captain's newsletter doesn't reveal whether or not this particular cyclist was committing the heinous act of riding on the sidewalk, he was the third meth-holding cyclist to be stopped since June, which officially makes it a trend.

According to the Richmond Station newsletter, the two plainclothes officers recognized the guy as someone with an outstanding parole warrant. When they asked the guy to stop and get off his bike, he tried to make a break for it, but the officers managed to catch him on foot.

In addition to finding some amount of meth on him, the cyclist-parolee had also made a homemade weapon crafted out of "a long dart attached to a black handle" which he had attached to his bicycle. Probably so he could ram all the other sidewalk-riding cyclists out there in the lawless Outerlands where coyotes roam. We're starting to get the impression that anything past 20th Avenue is basically a scene from Mad Max.

The 41-year-old suspect was charged for the parole warrant, as well as weapons and narcotics violations.

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