During Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting (which we did not attend because of how last week's meeting sucked the will to live right out of us), Supervisor David Campos questioned the value of the (boring) monthly Q&A session with the mayor. Ed Lee's monthly appearances before the board have become so meaningless, in fact, that nearly half the supervisors didn't even bother submitting questions last month.

Despite the lack of participation, the city's mustachioed mayor seems content being uninteresting. Voters mandated that the mayor show his face at the board chambers at least once a month back in 2010 when they all thought this was going to be a winning tactic to make Gavin Newsom actually show up for work instead of indulging in extracurricular activities. Now, however, the meetings have devolved into pre-meeting naps in which supes are required to submit their questions a week in advance and then Lee reads from a script like he's auditioning for voiceover work in a very boring Muppets reboot. It's no Obama-Romney debate, that's for sure.

When Campos said that mayoral question time has proved no longer useful, Lee responded, that changing the rules would turn the Q&A time into "a gotcha game." As fans of spirited politicking and old-fashioned mudslinging, we wholeheartedly support any and all gotcha games. The mayor, on the other hand, worries that his relationship with the board would fall apart if he didn't have a script in front of him, saying a change in rules "would erode the respectful dialogue that I have worked hard to develop with all of the Board of Supervisors.”