Unless you've been living under a box these past four years, you know that Maru the cat is the Internet's most famous cat. The five-year-old Scottish fold feline has been dazzling millions with his acrobatic feats and love of boxes. So it's natural that Maru is helping Uniqlo welcome its arrival into San Francisco with a Lucky Cube game! Don't forget that winners can redeem their prizes at the UNIQLO San Francisco flagship store at 111 Powell Street after October 15th.

Maru lives in Japan, with his owner, who is known as mugumogu on YouTube. Maru's exploits have been carefully documented on his blog—I am Maru—since 2007 and with hundreds of adorable videos since 2008. While the published author doesn't seem to travel much (he filmed the Uniqlo game at home), here are a few reasons why Maru could totally be a San Francisco resident: