In honor of Banned Book Week in San Francisco, the city's foremost authority on the relationship between books and sex dropped by City Lights Bookstore to record this delightful reading of D.H. Lawrence's controversial and excellent Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Things in this passage get a little hot, but we'd say it is probably safe for work because people tend to just sit at their desks thinking about sex all day anyway, so what's the difference? (Headphones would probably be prudent though.) Observe, as Lawrence's expertly woven sex scenes slither out from beneath Waters' pencil mustache:

Speaking of dirty books: we might have shirked the taboos now that we can hide our pulpy covers behind Kindle and iPad screens while we're on the bus, but books like Emily Morse's wildly popular 50 Shades of Grey still get banned and censored by libraries (for better or for worse). In San Francisco, however, we like to make sure everyone has free public access to porn and Morse herself will be appearing tonight at the Main Branch Public Library. The author will discuss the some of the controversy around Grey before the discussion devolves in to a reading of everyone's favorite sexy passages.