It is a fact well known to San Franciscans that those seemingly attractive, green-painted public toilets on city streets are frightening havens of drug use, drug dealing, and prostitution. Not to mention they're poopy-smelling. Well, this week the toilet that takes the cake for most dangerous in the city is the one at Larkin and Myrtle, and you really should never go in there unless you don't like your wallet, you're a crackhead, or you are very, very drunk and about to ruin a good pair of pants. And in the latter case, you're taking your life in your own hands.

The Ex reports that this particular loo has been the site of two muggings in recent weeks involving a "gang of thugs" and some unsuspecting, probably totally hammered blokes who just needed to pee/get a blowjob from a prostitute.

In the first incident, Monday night, a 20-year-old homeless man opened the restroom door to find three men in there, and one behind him who pushed him in. They robbed him at knifepoint of what little cash he had, and his cellphone.

Then! Around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday a reportedly intoxicated man, possibly a tourist, age 47, was lured into the free toilet by a prostitute, and shortly thereafter four men stormed the toilet and robbed him of $2,000 cash — which no one, we repeat NO ONE, should be carrying around in the Tenderloin. The man put up a fight, and ended up getting a beating, and was found lying on the sidewalk, bleeding from the face.


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