We've been remiss in not checking the mommy blogs, but just over the weekend there was an Op-Ed in the NYT that's causing a stir from art dealer and San Francisco dad Mark Wolfe. In it he writes of becoming a medical marijuana patient around the time that his third and youngest daughter was born, and he insists, "I swear I am a more loving, attentive and patient father when I take my medication as prescribed."

Now, this is bound to incite some ire not only from conservatives but probably from a lot of parents who'd insist that sobriety is the only path to parental perfection. Of course, when one leads a stressful life and one is not a devout yogi and disciplined Buddhist, it can be hard to unwind at the end of a long day and still have room for entertaining and coddling three children. Wolfe describes how he's evolved as a dad, via the THC:

Here is what a typical weekday evening exchange between me and my oldest daughter once looked like:

Child: Daddy, can you show me how to make a Q?

Father: (sipping bourbon and soda, not looking up from iPad) Just make a circle and put a little squiggle at the bottom.

Child: No, show me!

Father: Sweetie, not now, O.K.? Daddy’s tired.

It’s different now:

Child: Daddy, can you show me how to make a Q?

Father: (getting down on the floor) Here, I’ll hold your hand while you hold the pen and we’ll make one together. There! We made a Q! Isn’t it fantastic?

Child: Thanks, Daddy!

Father: Don’t you just love the shape of this pen?

And scene.

We do believe he's on to something... And pot probably is preferable to booze in dealing with small children especially. But do the kids know how high he is every night?

And while we'd expect SFGate's Mommy Files blog to be more up in arms, they simply quote a bunch of righteous commenters from the internet who are up in arms, and they conclude, "Once you’re running on the hamster wheel, it’s hard to stop—but maybe our society as a whole needs to figure out a way to slow down that wheel. Wolfe’s New York Times story just might be a wake-up call."