Hey guys, noted CEO and Sorkin subject Mark Zuckerberg spoke at TechCrunch Disrupt today, the SFChefs for Bay Area tech types. He answered questions about whether Facebook will come out with a phone, among other things. ("It's the wrong strategy for us," he explained regarding the phone, noting that he'd prefer Facebook be integrated into everything in the world rather than develop cute gadgetry.) Zuckerberg looks tan, well-rested, and happy in a lovely crew neck t-shirt.

Earlier today, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee discussed technology, local tech companies, and other bright stuff. Sadly, Lee said some incredibly not-so-bright stuff, like "AT&T has been awesome" and "We want to take advantage of the technology companies in our town."


However, Lee's verbal missteps don't come anywhere close to the fart-laced nuggets of gibberish that poured out of the mouths of some speakers. New York Magazine's Kevin Roose has an astounding list of bullshit jargon he heard at day one of the conference. ("We're all about glocal right now" could not have been someone's shining moment.)

Watch TechCrunch Disrupt live below. For a complete list of speakers and events, go here.

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