Good news from the feline world today. After 113 kittens were found dead in two Seaside, California homes last month, the Monterey County SPCA has slowly nursed the 51 surviving adult cats back to health. Although all of the survivors needed a great deal of medical attention, the Monterey County SPCA reports that most are alive and well, and recovering in the most adorable way possible.

Four of the cats had to have emergency surgery for severe uterus infections, but are all expected to recover. Sadly, two of the feline friends had to be put to sleep.

On a more positive note, the SPCA wanted to thank the "numerous gifts generously donated from compassionate people from around the world." Most of the cats, who were previously crammed into locked rooms with little or no ventilation, have begun coming out of hiding and are "wanting to be brushed and petted." Awww.

If you'd like to help the cats on their road to recovery, donations can be made here directly to the Monterey County SPCA and they have also set up an Amazon gift list registry where you can donate things like toys and kitty litter. Anyone who wants to put their name down on the list of potential adopters can do so by calling the shelter at 831-373-2631.

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