Amy Poehler, exemplary comedian and humanitarian, filmed this PSA in support of the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which, according to, will "end generations of exclusion from basic labor protections. it will include housekeepers, childcare providers [and] caregivers, and provide these workers with: overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, and adequate sleeping conditions for live-in workers."

The video is very Poehler: short, smart, sweet. All it needed to be perfect, though, was a cameo from Retta.

But in all seriousness, the domestic worker industry is rife with abuse from employers. Furthermore, "[t]he mostly female and immigrant domestic workforce is particularly vulnerable due to the isolated nature of the industry, where women labor behind closed doors and out of the public eye."

You can support the CA Domestic Worker Bill of Rights by calling your state senator and Governor Jerry Brown 916-445-2841 today. To lear more, please visit