As we all know, some neighborhoods have names that are still up for debate in popular parlance—if we had a dime for every time some friend (or commenter) whined about the uselessness of TenderNob or NoPa, we'd have at least five dollars. The Bold Italic, though, insists on making up their own names in their ongoing Microhoods series, and this tends to drive the local internets crazier than usual. Today's misnomer: Bernal Flats, which is really La Lengua, or, to some, SoCha.

As Burrito Justice points out, even Google Maps recognizes La Lengua as the proper name for the area of Mission that extends from 24th Street to Dolores, bordering Bernal Heights and Noe Valley, and just barely licking the edge of Glen Park.

But, then again, the Bold Italic previously tried to make Valencia Bottoms happen, and we all know how that turned out.

[Bold Italic via Burrito Justice]