Now this is our kinda car-sharing service! Mayor Ed Lee welcomed little-known nonprofit grassroots effort BMW into San Francisco by way of electric-car sharing on Monday. It was all a part of the DriveNow and ParkNow services that, "lets smart drivers easily find and book a parking spot in advance at ParkNow garages located in and around San Francisco."

Who is it for? Oh, everyone. The little people. The bleu collars. The burrito eaters. You. Us. Harmony.

The rate, according to SF Appeal, is "$12 for the first 30 minutes of driving, followed by 32 cents for each additional minute, with a cap at $90 per day." (Compare that to City Car Share, which can range from $5-$7 per house during regular drive times.) The cars can be picked up and tossed away like last year's Burberry at any of the eight stations littered throughout San Francisco.

Regarding the swank car-sharing program, Mayor Ed Lee newsomed that it should make San Francisco "more sustainable in our mobility" and that we are "getting greener and smarter." Appeal goes on to report that the service will launch next month, and will "eventually include more than 100 additional locations."