Suspected burglar Kariem McFarlin, the 35-year-old former San Jose State football player who was nabbed for burglarizing the under-construction home of the late Steve Jobs, has told authorities that he wants to write a letter of apology to the Jobs family, saying that he burglarized the home last month because he was desperate. He appeared in Santa Clara County Superior Court in Palo Alto today to face charges of felony burglary and selling stolen property, and he did not enter a plea.

As we learned earlier, McFarlin was caught after police tracked the usage of some of the computer goods he stole, including iPads and laptops — and one of those iPads, amusingly, landed in the hands of Kenny the Clown, the Alameda-based clown who kind of looks like John Wayne Gacy and has been known to scare the shit out of us on Market Street on occasion.

McFarlin says he didn't know that the home belonged to Jobs until he found a letter addressed to him in the house. Then he stole the late Apple founder's wallet. He said he'd made a habit of robbing under-construction homes because he's fallen on hard times. Police say he confessed to the crime upon his arrest.


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