Blowing up your apartment while making hash oil is the new blowing up your apartment cooking crystal meth, apparently. Recall back in February, when a 33-year-old medical marijuana patient blew up her fiancé's apartment while attempting to cook hash in the bathroom. Now, from the far east suburban wasteland of Livermore, KTVU reports another young couple has been arrested for blowing up their apartment while attempting to bootleg a drug that is perfectly legal in California.

The incident actually occurred a year ago, but resulted in a 13-month investigation. Police eventually determined residents Evan Aviles and girlfriend Lexie Huston (ages 22 and 23 respectively) accidentally blew up the building by mishandling butane used in the cooking process. The butane, which is used to extract the hash oil, pooled on the floor and ignited, causing $350,000 worth of damage and rendering the five-unit building uninhabitable.

The couple were both hospitalized with severe burns after the incident, along with a third person in the apartment, 35-year-old Paul Lom of San Jose. According to neighbors, all three were seen outside the building after the explosion, severely burned with their skin and clothing peeling off. The couple has now been arrested for suspicion of manufacturing a controlled substance and for the murder of Paul Lom, who died from his injuries in the hospital.

Again, we feel it necessary to point out here that there exists a perfectly reputable cannabis dispensary just a short distance from the couple's former apartment and it even offers to deliver hash oil in under two hours.

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