The idea that the SFPD might try to remove one of the most charming aspects of Dolores Park — namely the rampant sale of mushroom chocolates, THC-laced candies, and everyone's favorite truffle guy — should prompt a battle cry from all those who call the park their warm-afternoon home. But it's already happening!

Uptown Almanac and Dolores Park Works report on the SFPD's stepped-up strategy for cleansing the park of everything that makes it marvelous, including the removal of all alcohol and drug sales (the sad, emasculated Cold Beer Cold Water guy now only sells cold water). They've been issuing citations, and sending in plain-clothed operators to make purchases from these small businesspeople, and they claim that they've had to issue tickets for "keggers that get little bit out of control." Keggers?

Anyway, the only solace here is that they say they don't have the resources to actually crack down on all booze consumption right now, but as we've been sensationally proclaiming here at SFist for months now, the war on fun is most certainly stepping up. There will come a day when cops are wandering around on the regular issuing tickets for your bottle of rosé, and that, dear friends, is an abomination against all things good and holy. What makes San Francisco great if not our laissez-faire attitude toward nudity, sado-masochism, and public drinking?!? We ask you this.

Fight for your rights, people.

[Uptown Almanac]

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