Ever think our modern slang leaves a little something something to be desired? Between LOL-worthy emoticons and obvs totes irritating abbreviations, sometimes it doesn't seem like our generation is really adding much to the English language (sorry about making "Googling" a verb, future generations!). Then again, we don't even have to come up with anything new—not when we can just re-appropriate some now-forgotten 19th century gems!

Inspired by BBC America's Copper, a gripping new cop-drama series set in 1860s New York City from Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson and Emmy® Award-winner Tom Fontana, we decided to look into some of the more interesting turns of phrase used by many New Yorkers of the time. And were they ever creative with their cussing. Plus, stick around for an exclusive Copper trailer!


We hope all of these words show up on Copper! (BBC AMERICA/Cineflix (Copper) Inc.)