After running back to Washington with a sack of cash weighing in at about $15 million from that party at George Clooney's house, President Obama is scheduled to come to the Bay Area next week for a couple of private fundraisers down on the Peninsula. Next Wednesday he'll be at a $250-a-person fundraiser at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, followed by a smaller, $38,500-a-person dinner at a private home in Atherton.

The dinner will be hosted by Doug Goldman, whose family includes Levi-Strauss heirs, and clearly we weren't invited. There won't be any public events as part of this trip, but on Thursday the President will be attending an Asian American-Pacific Islander business round table at the Garden Court in Palo Alto, where attendees will also be coughing up $38,500 per head.

You can expect to see more of the President in the coming months, causing delays at SFO and clogging our downtown streets with his motorcade, while he hits up every last liberal with a few hundred bucks to spare.

Meanwhile, Republican House Speaker John Boehner will be in Woodside on Wednesday for a fundraiser of his own.