At long last a conference will be held in honor of tacos, the superior taqueria treat. Taco Conf 2012 brings together tacos and cycling where one can pedal around both sides of the bay to discuss food, culture, and technology. Attendees will get the chance to ride their bicycles on a tour of some of the best antojitos in the Bay Area. Yes, you're going. What to bring? According to Taco Conf's site. all you need is a bicycle and some cash to buy savory, sublime tacos. You can also bring your kids too! It's a family event.

"Be prepared to bicycle between taco trucks and taquerias and hear presentations from interesting people," we're told. Who, exactly? Well, for starters, the very rad Burrito Justice. Also, these people whose Twitter handles you might recognize: @aq @izs @abright @philipn @brian_mount @st_luke @digitalctzn @cfarivar @cramforce @CATacoTrucks.

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